Weird Calibers: WTF Are You Thinking?

You there! Yeah you, the guy buying the rifle chambered in 300 RCM or 6.5 Creedmor or 327 Federal Magnum. I have a question. WTF are you doing? I do not understand the desire to buy guns in weird calibers. These days it’s hard enough to find ammo in normal calibers let alone these bizarre attempts to generate new gun sales to self-identifying rubes. Then, there is the resale value or lack thereof. I do not typically sell guns, but if I did I wouldn’t want to be at the mercy of the greater fool theory of economics. I can only imagine trying to sell a gun chambered in 45 GAP these days. What about after SHTF? Where are you are you going to find 300 RCM ammo? The answer is you aren’t. That sweet rifle you have is now a club. Be like Nancy, just say no.

About Q

A long time firearms and outdoor enthusiast, Q is also an avid cook. He is a follower of news and politics. He resides in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with his beautiful wife.
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