Does Buffalo Wild Wings Suck? I Wouldn’t Know

This is a review of the local Buffalo Wild Wings I put on Yelp today. It’s one thing to go to a restaurant and get bad food, bad service or both. it’s quite another to get none of the above. Great job, douche-bags! I will never bother with your company ever again.

So my wife and I go to this place after shopping at the surrounding stores. We go sit in the bar area. The bar is about a third full, 5:30 on Friday night. We look through the beer menu and talk about what we had just bought. About five minutes go by and I start looking for a waitress. None to be seen. I ask my wife “Should I go up the bar?” No there is a waitress. She stops at a table then goes back the way she came. Now I’m starting to get irritated. Wait, there is another waitress. She does her best to avoid eye contact and ignores me as she goes to another table. I tell my wife I’m going to set my phone timer for one minute and if we don’t at least get acknowledged we are leaving. At least ten minutes have gone by at this point. Timer goes off still ignored. We get up and leave. On the way out I see a woman who appears to be the manager, I tell her that I have been in the bar for at least ten minutes and been completely ignored. Slack-jawed silence. Avoid this place and go somewhere that appreciates your business.

About Q

A long time firearms and outdoor enthusiast, Q is also an avid cook. He is a follower of news and politics. He resides in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with his beautiful wife.
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