Canadian Sasquatch Sighting

While on a recent trip to beautiful Victoria B.C. Canada, I spotted the long rumored to exist cryptid, Sasquatch. As you can plainly see he is in fact much smaller than the sensational tabloid reports make him out to be. He is however, seemingly attracted to fine Canadian whisky, as any God fearing, red blooded, creature of this Earth should be. So, he can’t be all bad, not that I ever thought he was. Think about it, if you were a cryptid, long rumored to exist but elusive to the, credible scientist, who are mostly, under-sexed femme-boys; decent photogs, also mostly femme-boys, after all, if they weren’t, how would they manage to actually get those pix taken of all those gorgeous models. If they were actually hetero men, no work or pix would get done, just the sexy-time. Wouldn’t you rather come out of the proverbial closet in style, getting shot by a real man, a hunter, out hunting for elk, bear or moose. Not some joker scientist, reality TV producer or other of that ilk. Point being a real man would just draw down on the cryptid, drop it in his big-footed tracks and send the pix into American Hunter, Guns & Ammo, and every other goddamn hunter friendly place he could think of, all the while calling up the nearest DNA lab to take some fucking samples. Next on the call list would be the local taxidermist. Tan that hide baby, you know what they say, every animal has enough brains to tan its own hide, and make me a fucking Sasquatch fur coat. Talk about rollin’ in style, nobody has a goddamn Sasquatch fur coat, nobody. Yet.



Spotted from this window of the Fairmont Empress Hotel, in Victoria, B.C. Canada, which, by the way, is well worth the expense of staying there. It was one of the nicer hotels I’ve stayed at.

About Q

A long time firearms and outdoor enthusiast, Q is also an avid cook. He is a follower of news and politics. He resides in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with his beautiful wife.
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