The Beginning

I am starting a gun blog. A gun blog about guns and so much more. A man cannot live on guns alone. He must have sustenance as well. He must have rantings on the subject of the day. He must have cool pictures of guns he lusts after. He must have the most excellent food he can make and/or buy and make extended and probably ridiculous comments on all of the above. Enjoy or not, I could care less. Well, I do care but not very much.  Ok so I care but, if you are a nattering nabob of negativity, just keep it to your self. Or not, but don’t be surprised if I mock you unmercifully for you lack of wit and copious stupidity. Or you actually make a valid point, have something interesting to say, or God forbid, am more witty, intelligent, and insightful than me, I will probably still mock you anyway. Because that is what happens on teh interwebz.


About Q

A long time firearms and outdoor enthusiast, Q is also an avid cook. He is a follower of news and politics. He resides in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with his beautiful wife.
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