Old School .410 Bolt Action Rebuild

So I bought an old .410 at a gun show awhile back. I had been looking for one for a long time and was so excited when I found it that I really didn’t look at it closely enough. Turns out the magazine springs were both broken, the safety was broken, the magazine spring retainer screws were lost in the sands of time. So I have been haunting Numrich Gun Parts for the last year and a half, waiting for the parts to show up in stock. And the last screw is on the way!

The whole reason for all this is, an old shotgun like this is the first gun I ever shot. It was on my Uncle Lester and Aunt Betty’s farm, their son, my late cousin Joe, showed me how to shoot with it when I was around seven or eight years old.

About Q

A long time firearms and outdoor enthusiast, Q is also an avid cook. He is a follower of news and politics. He resides in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with his beautiful wife.
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